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i overheard at breakfast today overhearing delegates from italy, ireland and germany talking. they were talking about corruption and how italy had no documentary funding because the government considered documentaries too dangerous. that's exciting! and horrible. i know that getting e&o insurance is so difficult that it makes making docs in this country almost impossible. still, people do it.


i met a young filmmaker today, victoria chan, who was inspired by my book "the magical life of long tack sam". she picked it up in the museum of chinese in america in new york city but moved to berlin four years ago. she is originally from montreal, and is studying documentary in the italian alps.


it was my last competition screening this afternoon. a friend from berlin, deborah, a child of holocaust survivors, by the way, came up to see it. she was very moved, and one of the only people in the audience who dared to laugh. bernice wrote an e-mail to see how it was all going. there was a panel discussion after the screening. i have to say, all the fears i had of questions have not been realized... not yet, anyway.

here are some pics from the animation panel. there's annegret, in the foreground, who invited me to leipzig, and magda in the background, who made a film "zibigniew's cupboard", from letters she found from her father during the communist occupation of poland. there's her puppet/father she brought to show.




afterwards, deborah and i went to the "nude visions" at the museum, where the DOK leipzig is based.  most of the work is of women, and the few male nudes on show are either non-erotic (muybridge, for example), or also seemingly meant for the male gaze.



leipzig is home to bach and wagner.  what a surprising city.




okay, so one more party, one more addition to my blog. . . i went to the storyville meets dokville party and spoke with jody shapiro, who is here with "how to start your own country" where he goes around and talks to people who are creating their own micro-nations, and finding out nobody knows what the definition of a country really is . . .



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