Last Day (Bis Bald!)

spoiler alert: i was a child of holocaust didn't win a prize at dok leipzig. logorama won best animated film. ( it won the oscar last year.) best documentary went to vodka factory, best short went to perfect summer. the closing night film was precious life, which follows a life-saving operation in israel on a palestinian child while there is war in gaza . . . that's a little simplified.

here's a pic from the closing ceremonies.  that's klaus danielson, festival director. the empty table behind him held all the awards that were given away.


the festival was a great experience.  it is still docu-centric, of course, but annegret richter, the programmer for animation, who is doing her dissertation on the animated doc, has really helped raise the profile of animated docs at the festival, and people are more and more interested in this as a medium . . . (in fact, she's using all my films as research for her diss . . . )


showing iwacohs in germany was not what i expected. (what DID i expect?) like i said, i was surprised that there was no political discussion about my film . . .  no issue about me as a non-jew dealing with an issue that is sometimes seen as proprietorially jewish.  maybe it was there, but it was couched in the question of telling other people's personal stories.  which was the theme of the panel i was sitting on with andy.  the question was always, as a filmmaker, how did i prepare to approach the subject?  this is something that has always weighed on me during the making of the film, even claiming to be an author, when i am working with another author's material.  but experiences like this

are helping me get over that, and accept the film for what it is itself, not just an iteration of the original material.  this is something michael fukushima and gerry flahive, the producers, always thought from the beginning.


i leave for st. john's tomorrow, in about 5 hours . . . so this is my last entry for dok leipzig.  bis bald!


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