Year of the Tiger

  Welcome to the Year of the Tiger, 2010!  The Olympics are here, the weather is balmy and there is a globally programmed lightshow outside my door.  I Was A Child of Holocaust Survivors is coming in to the finish line, mix date late May.  We are working on a project involving the Seven Deadly Sins and have made a sea change:  Rosie Ming is going to China to a poetry festival.  Window Horses Karaoke Project is coming to a festival near you... soon.  And the iPhone Stickgirl oracle haiku application should be here by the time the cherry blossoms fall and it's time for another Kensington Poetry brunch.  I am going to Montreal for a 3 month stint as mentor for an NFB hothouse programme working with stereoscopic IMAX.  Should be amazingly fun.  Year of the Tiger can mean change and tumult, globally and personally so stay sharp and be flexible!  It doesn't have to be a bad thing.  It's a year of movement.  So, gung hay fat choy.  There are a lot of tigers out there!  I have succumbed to the infection that is the warmth of the Olympic Spirit.  People are wearing stupid things and smiling all over the place.  Social issues are out on international display.  The athletes are... amazing.  Go, Canada, Go.


images: that's kd lang singing leonard cohen's hallelujah and spoken word artist shane kozak (who was an inspiration for my script) and mischa brueger-grossman at the opening ceremonies



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