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St. Thomas Aquinas and Me

Today I went to St. Thomas Aquinas High School as Mr. Mendoza's Grade 9 class asked me to come and speak about my graphic novel, and film, THE MAGICAL LIFE OF LONG TACK SAM.  They were a great group and had some good questions.




I've had some problems updating my news site so am putting things here.

I just got a letter of thanks from the Jerusalem Cinematheque and Naggar School for the screening of IWACOHS on May 1 for International Holocaust Memorial Day.  The short also won a youth jury prize from the Reel2Real Youth Film Festival, in Vancouver in April. It screened at the Laemmle Theatre in Los Angeles last week, as well.

Last Day (Bis Bald!)

spoiler alert: i was a child of holocaust didn't win a prize at dok leipzig. logorama won best animated film. ( it won the oscar last year.) best documentary went to vodka factory, best short went to perfect summer. the closing night film was precious life, which follows a life-saving operation in israel on a palestinian child while there is war in gaza . . . that's a little simplified.

here's a pic from the closing ceremonies.  that's klaus danielson, festival director. the empty table behind him held all the awards that were given away.

Panel Discussion

thursday was my last screening of "i was a child of holocaust survivors" this was with the animated docs program. there isn't a q&a after the films, but there was the panel discussion about personal animated documentaries with andy glynne, director of london's "the documentary group".

Another Day

i overheard at breakfast today overhearing delegates from italy, ireland and germany talking. they were talking about corruption and how italy had no documentary funding because the government considered documentaries too dangerous. that's exciting! and horrible. i know that getting e&o insurance is so difficult that it makes making docs in this country almost impossible. still, people do it.

Day 2

here's proof i was actually at the festival (that's my picture... 3rd from the left, second row down...)

Dresden in a Dash-8


Year of the Tiger

The Year in Hindsight

Hello. Here's a quick run down of what we did in 2009, and what we're still doing. I'll fill in more later...

We did our first series of 10 short enviro-stickgirl films for Planet Green ("My Place", which can be seen on Planet Green and on and Hopefully, there'll be more to come. This was written, designed, storyboarded, produced and directed by amf and animated by a bevy of people. (Eric Cheung, Yumiko Sasakawa, Sarah Jargsdorf, Jason Campbell, Ben Meinhardt, Tim Stuby, Steve Jeeves and Mark Ingram). It's just up now (web: november, tube: december)

We also made a little animated film to a story by radio personality Sook-Yin Lee for "Definitely Not the Opera"'s web-site (see called "I Won", a creepy little story about a little thing she learnt not to do as a child. Again, this was directed, designed and storyboarded by amf and animated by Tim Stuby. (It went up on the web this september.)

We also made a karaoke video, "Window Horses", supported by the BC Arts Council. Hopefully, that will be hitting the festival circuit soon. (just completed Dec)

Ann Marie spent a year or so writing and designing (with kevin langdale) a feature script where stickgirl (aka "rosie ming") goes to a poetry festival in shiraz, iran, tentatively called "Ming Rose: Slammer" it's been a crazy year, over there, in iran, and rosie may be going to china, instead, to follow the footsteps of amf's ancient poetic ancestor, Du Fu. (a new discovery). This script started out in Germany (as did the karaoke song). No matter where it is situtated, it explores the issues of relationships: of families, of diasporas, of stories not told. of discovering the world through poetry. of discovering yourself through the world.

Sleepy Dog Films held a poetry contest... to develop an iPhone haiku/oracle snowglobe. Kellie Ruth Mercier won, and the animation to her poem can be found on this site, if you want to check it out, or download it. (up as of end of Nov). The app is still expected by Christmas.

amf has been working on an adaptation of Bernice Eisenstein's powerful illustrated memoir "I was a child of holocaust survivors" for a few years now, for the NFB. Production was finally green-lit this spring and animation is very close to finishing. We are working with fabulous animators Howie Shia and Kevin Langdale and Lillian Chan. Bernice, herself, is the voice-over. Should be finished by summer 2010. Normand Roger will be doing the sound/music. He is someone amf has been hoping to work with for ove 20 years.

Long Tack Sam, the book, the film, the entity... had a big year. He was in China... and amf was part of a 5 part mini-series on him for the satellite Travel Channel over there. He was also in Linz, part of "Zauberkuenst", an exhibit that plays around with high and low art forms in terms of the magicians who came from that area. He also is part of the permanent exhibit of the new Museum of Chinese in America in NYC. amf went there to show the film and speak about him, as well.

2010 should see the poetry feature, "Ming Rose: Slammer" in production... more stickgirl films for planet green...the dramatic feature of Long Tack Sam, "shanghai follies", and a short documentary on the local magician and paramedic... Jamie D. Grant (who is featured in Ripley's "Believe It Or Not"). We'll see how it all goes!

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season. amf is looking for: investors, collaborators, inspirers, poets of the kitchen, cooks of the soul and world peace.

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