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My little animated musical film is in the Vancouver International Film Festival, Oct. 2 & 9.  Check out the link for deets:

amf wins WIFVShowcase visionary award for i was a child of holocaust survivors

 Women's International Film & Television Showcase honours recipients for humanitarian, lifetime achievement in fields the stretch beyond traditional borders of film and television.  Here amf and Ingrid Venninger hold up their wings.  Ingrid was honoured for "modra", as best feature film.

I Was A Child of Holocaust Survivors in Varna

on the street

Outside the theatre is a poster of participating films.  A still of "I Was A Child of Holocaust Survivors" is beside Mashallah Mohammedy's "Human Being".  Mashallah is helping me out with a new film i am making where my own Stickgirl, goes to a poetry festival in Iran.

Stickgirl at TEDx Strathcona Sunday August 7th 7pm

I've been asked to speak at a TEDx event at the Electric Owl on Main St. The theme is  Discovering Unity: Art, Technology & Science.  There'll be some interesting speakers there, and I will be talking about how Stickgirl negotiates the techno wave by keeping it simple...

Gluttony on the interweb

Gluttony is now on YouTube.  Please, check it out and like it!

I Was A Child of Holocaust Survivors in Edinburgh

Edinburgh International Film Festival

"Animated Realities"  June 24th 6pm St. George Theatre


AMF to speak on "Animated Realities" Panel, Edinburgh College of Art June 23 2011

I am going to be participating on a seminar examining the the animated documentary in Edinburgh, as part of a symposium parallel to the Edinburgh International Film Festival, where "I Was A Child of Holocaust Survivors" will also be screening.  I'll be showing excerpt of my work and the weaving of animation and documentary since the mid-80's.

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